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The Child Development Division is pleased to announce the online publication of the California Early Childhood Educator Competencies.

The Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Competencies describe the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that early childhood educators need in order to provide high quality care and education to young children and their families.

The ECE Competencies are organized into twelve overlapping areas:

  1. Child Development and Learning;
  2. Culture, Diversity and Equity;
  3. Relationships, Interactions, and Guidance;
  4. Family and Community Engagement;
  5. Dual-Language Development;
  6. Observation, Screening, Assessment, and Documentation;
  7. Special Needs and Inclusion;
  8. Learning Environments and Curriculum;
  9. Health, Safety, and Nutrition;
  10. Leadership in Early Childhood Education;
  11. Professionalism; and
  12. Administration and Supervision.

For each of these competencies there are four competency contexts which refer to interrelated spheres of responsibility describing knowledge, skills, actions, and scope of responsibility for each topic within a performance area.

  1. The four competency contexts are:
  2. Supporting Early Learning and Development
  3. Planning and Guiding Early Learning and Development
  4. Creating and Maintaining Program Policies and Practices
  5. Advancing the Early Childhood Profession

The ECE Competencies are available for download at

If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact Early Education and Support Division or 916-322-6233

On behalf of the P16 Council the Early Childhood Education task force was formed to develop a plan for high-quality universal preschool for our county. The ECE Task Force is comprised of a broad range of local experts (both public & private, faith based and family child care) in the area of early care and education throughout our county. This Plan is entitled Early Learning For All (ELFA) for San Luis Obispo County.

1) Review of the Early Learning For All (ELFA) Plan: A Countywide Plan for High Quality Preschool Access in San Luis Obispo County Spring 2008 – PDF

2) Review the Early Learning For All (ELFA) Appendices – PDF

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